Struggle is the enemy; FUBAR is the remedy.

Welcome to FUBAR Cannabis – the greatest f#@kin one-stop shop (in the world) for top-notch edibles and more…


If you love chocolate cookies, get set to start drooling. The FUBAR Cacao Cream Cookie F Bomb bring a delicious cacao temptation to your tastebuds, combined with a perfect 1:1 balance of THC & CBD infusion for a full-body buzz...
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Get ready to pucker up and get FUBAR'd with these zesty Lemon Cream Cookies! FUBAR, or "F@*&!ed Up Beyond All Recognition," is the perfect way to describe the mind-blowing high you'll experience from the perfect balance of THC and CBD...
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Indulge in the mouthwatering goodness of FUBAR's Strawberry Cream Cookies, packed with juicy strawberry flavor and a potent blend of THC and CBD. These cookies are sure to get you "FUBAR'd" - or "F@&*ed Up Beyond All Recognition" - in...
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Treat yourself to the ultimate indulgence with FUBAR's Speckled Cream Cookies. These cookies are packed with a unique and delicious flavor, featuring sweet and subtle vanilla notes, a hint of almond, and a burst of fruity flavor from the speckles....
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Because even though the world might be a little FUBAR, we’re all about making sh!t matter. And what matters, is the happiness of our customers.

FUBAR Cannabis delivers only the highest quality Cannabis edibles to customers across Canada. And we welcome you to join us!

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